Cashflow stopped flowing?


Cashflow Stopped Flowing?

If your cash is drying up – we can help to improve your cashflow.

Businesses often face the cash flow problem at some time or other in their lifecycle. However, with right strategy and timely interference, this can be resolved and consequent losses can be saved.

How to manage cash flow effectively?

Cash is a limited resource for any kind of business and of any size and magnitude. You need to actively manage your cash flow to more effectively control the inflow and outflow of cash both in the short term and long term.

How can I improve short term cash flow problems?

  • Chase your debts -One way is better debtor management and getting paid on time to release burden on your working capital cycle.
  • Don’t rely on your bank only When your bank won’t extend overdraft facilities, talk to us about alternative ways of raising cash through funding and asset finance.
  • Consider factoring or invoice discounting- These can give you 90% of the invoice value immediately – ask us about how to make best use of factoring.

How do I improve long term cash flow problems?

  • Debtor management & automation – Manage debtors nearly due, due or overdue – let our team help.
  • Issue invoices promptly-If your AR team is finding difficulty in raising timely invoices it’s time to think for more automated solutions, we can help you with.
  • Cash flow forecasting-Cash flow is important to forecast the peaks and troughs in your cash flow. Helps you to plan borrowing or know when surplus cash is available.

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