Independent Business Review


Independent Business Review

We offer an independent business review that provides a sound base from which business owners, lenders or investors can finalize a lending or investment decision.

blb Current Trading and Financial Position

To understand what actions need to be taken for future, first it is necessary to review the current trends and competitor’s analysis and market positioning

blb Profit and Cashflow Forecasts

Forecasts is an essential exercise when it comes to reviews and planning future course of actions


blb Management & Systems

System reviews and process reflect the management philosophy and future outlook

blb Business and Financial Strategies

understanding the business and its long-term goals are an integral part of any business review

blb Sensitivity Analysis

Different business scenarios need assessment from various angles, then it can be different product lines or just change in prices, sensitivity analysis is always helpful tool. management and systems

The independent business review will always set out our conclusions, analyse the options available and develop a practical action plan with recommendations for the way forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of Independent Business Review for any Business?

Independent business reviews help a business to observe its financial performance and financial position in comparison with the previous year or with the competitor. Independent business review also assists a business to take necessary action for competing with unprecedented market trends

3. What all documents are required by I Nagar & Co. to provide IBR Review?

We require, previous year’s Accounts whether it is stored on Tally, Quick Books, or any other software you are using,  and Current Year financials.


5. Does I Nagar & Co. provide IBR with competitive business?

Yes, Independent Business Review with a competitive business is vital if a business wants to stay ahead with its competition and wants to be unaffected by market challenges and changes.

2. What is the cost of Independent Business Review?

Independent business review is performed for a start-up firm or an established firm. The cost of an independent business review depends on the turnover of your business and how much the complexities and discrepancies are involved in your business.

4. Which businesses require Independent Business Review?

A business whose market value starts declining and whose customers stop using their products or services or shifting to rivalry’s products and services, there is a need to know the reason behind it. Independent Business Review helps to identify the root cause behind this. Thus, an Independent business review is required for such businesses to regain their strength and stand-up again in the market.

6. How do we help the business to grow?

We, I Nagar & Co. help the business and start-up to lead the market and lag its competitors. We advise the business and start-up company in the following field:

  • Business Valuation
  • Customized IT Solution
  • Due Diligence
  • Interim Management
  • Interim CFO Services