Outsourced CFO Services & Interim Management

outsourced CFO Services

Outsourced CFO Services & Interim Management

Many startups and small businesses need CFO services where they cannot afford the full-time CFOs or the size of businesses does not justify having one at the initial stages. Many times, businesses also need another expert on an interim basis to deal with some situations where the positions are not backfilled and having the permanent resource is not an ideal and cost-effective option.

Maximize your profit potential with outsourced CFO services. Our team of experts can help you streamline your finances and make better decisions about funding capital expenditures, research and development, marketing, and merging or acquiring other companies in fast-paced industries such as biotech, pharma, and high tech. Learn how outsourced CFO services will propel you to the next level with us.

blb Outsourcing the CFO Services

Can be handy tool for startup and young businesses where they do necessarily need domain experts, but at the same time do not wish to compromise on the quality. There can be following areas where from might need our for outsourcing CFOs services in India:


blb Interim Management

It is a relatively new resourcing tool, but one which has rapidly become established as an invaluable aid to organizations of all sizes, especially because:

  • Creating a new permanent post may be unnecessary and expensive.
  • Why waste resources when you hire solutions for the same cost without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Interim management

I Nagar & Co. is frequently engaged with CFOs, business owners and entrepreneurs of large companies to provide them outsourcing CFO services by providing professional guidance, expert advice in starting new business, enhancing business performance or simply making it run smoother.

Interim management may be the ideal solution because an interim executive manager or director would have resolved the same problem or successfully handled the same challenge before. No high ongoing salary commitment, no bonus, no pension or Insurance contributions, no company car or other perks. Just a job done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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We have created a culture of trust wherein our success is entirely dependent on the satisfaction level of our clients and employees. We provide complete financial solutions to all our clients regardless of their size or industry. If you would like further information on our ca services or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much-Outsourced CFO Services costs? Is it affordable?

Our CFO Services is a kind of investment that helps in the growth and overall financial health of your company. We create a custom quote based on your needs and leverage it with the most up-to-date financial software to operate your business in the best possible way.

3. What all services are included in CFO services?

Our CFO services cover the following services:

  • Strategy/ governance
  • Business plans
  • Fundraising
  • Business decision making support
  • Partner assurance
  • Business process improvement
  • Operational support
5. What Kind of Services you are providing to clients outside India?

We provide the below services to our clients outside India.

  • HR Recruitment & Staffing
  • Payroll Management and Compliances
  • Book-Keeping
  • Business Advisory Services

You may request for any other service also

2. How CFO Services provider work?

I Nagar & Co. is a digital platform where you can find the perfect financial & compliance solutions for your business. I Nagar & Co. helps in breaking the geographical barriers and helps you take the advantage of online CFO services anywhere in India and UK.

Get in touch with CFO experts to resolve your queries online.

4. Do you provide services outside India also?

Yes, at present we provide services to UK and European clients.